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      1. Are you putting


        to work?


        Get the Traffic you Need to run the Business you want...

        If you’re looking to get the online world to see what your business has to offer, let me help! With 14+ years of working in Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising, web traffic is something I know something about.

        Search Engine Optimization

        Get your website ranked on the first page when people search for the keywords.

        Pay Per Click Advertising

        Let me help you advertise with Google to gain quick website traffic and highly targeted leads.

        14+ Years of Experience

        I can offer you the type of industry knowledge that only comes with experience.

        Blogging for Business

        Do you want to crack the mystery of content marketing? Let's chat about how to develop your blog.

        What I OFFER

        Online Marketing Services

        I help you supercharge your online marketing in every aspect that matters. I always keep my eyes on the numbers so that you don’t have to!


        Content Marketing

        Web Development

        Email Marketing


        Pay Per Click Ads


        About Me

        Why work with me?

        • I love SEO. In fact, I spend most of my days dancing with Google, checking stats, and making sure my content ranks. Whether that’s your blog posts or your small business home page or your eCommerce products, we will get to the top!
        • When I build websites, I incorporate “SEO thinking” right into the project management of a website design. This saves you loads of money down the road.
        • When we chat, I will ask how you plan to drive traffic and generate sales with your website. I’m always thinking “marketing”.
        • Last but not least, I dig out existing websites from their search engine graves all the time and get them up to speed to compete in today’s marketplace.


        What Clients Say...

        I approached Jana with a folder crammed with ideas, fonts and colour swatches. From this, she and I managed to create a brand and logo that suits my business perfectly. The amount of time I saved by hiring Jana is incredible! Not only did she built me an e-commerce website, but she also took the time to help me understand and navigate it. I couldn’t have launched my business successfully without her. Thank you thank you!
        Terri Blizzard
        Happy Client